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Truck, Machinery, Heavy Equipment Repair and Customization in Hamilton and Surrounding Areas

Enlist the help of Grizzly Custom Truck Repair to ensure your equipment is running and operating smoothly. At Grizzly Custom Truck Repair, our aim is to keep your “downtime” to a minimum. We have the diagnostic equipment and knowledge to solve your problems quickly and accurately to get you back up and running. The mechanics at Grizzly Custom Truck Repair can handle all your preventative maintenance needs and repairs. We also do modifications on all types of vehicles and heavy equipment suited to your needs or to make your vehicle uniquely your own. Contact us for truck, machinery, heavy equipment repair and customization in Hamilton and surrounding areas. Take a look at some of the services we provide at Grizzly Custom Truck Repair:

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Annual motor vehicle safety inspections (car, truck and trailers)

Trailer repairs and services

Damaged truck repairs

Transmission repairs

Truck/trailer routine maintenance

Fleet maintenance

Chassis trimming and modifications

Frame stretching/modifications/repairs

Air conditioning repairs

ABS brake repairs and diagnostics

Truck engine and transmission rebuilding or replacement

Electrical and computer diagnostics, maintenance and repairs

Hydraulics, pneumatics, control systems

Driveline and blower pump installations

Axle installations and relocations

Custom wet line and hydraulic installations

Suspension repairs or replacements

Exhaust and emissions control repairs or replacements


Welding/custom fabrication


Pin repairs

Line boring/welding

Bore realignments

Contact Us

For any Truck, Machinery, Heavy Equipment Repair and Customization, come see us at:

36 Keefer Court, Unit 1
Hamilton, Ontario L8E 4V4


Contact us at:

Grizzly Custom: 905-561-9999 

Email -

Business Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:00AM-6:00PM
*Emergency and weekend appointments available


Looking for Professional Heavy Equipment Repair Services?

Turn to our expert technicians for truck, machinery and heavy equipment repair services.

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